In Memoriam

Beloved Friend Walter, it’s been ten years since You left this earth to receive Your Heavenly Reward. I remember You Fondly and miss all the happy, funny, and wonderful moments that we shared as Friends. I also miss the comfort and sage advice that You gave me during the hard times of my life.

You were a true gentleman, kind, generous, full of faith and courage and were an inspiration to me and so many others. You never let your legal blindness prevent you from participating fully in Life. You were courageous in Your battle with cancer which You won.

I will always treasure my “Breakfasts with Walter” and sometimes lunch and dinner, too, trips to the mall to buy slacks for you, and most of all, sharing attendance at Mass and Holy Hours together.

I could write a book and it would still not convey all of the fine qualities and virtues that You had. You were a second Father to me and one of the Finest Men that I have ever met. You were a Poet, an Artist, and a fine Photographer.

Thank you for all of the rosaries and religious art that you gifted me with; I treasure those pieces. How ironic that tripping over a pothole during Your daily walks led to Your demise of hospitalization and later pneumonia.

Please watch over me and pray for me now that You are in Heaven, close to all Your Loved Ones. I pray for you daily that you may be released from Purgatory if You are still there, but I feel that You suffered so in this Life and accepted God’s Will and pray that God took You immediately into His Arms.

If so, my prayers for You will contribute to a Greater Intimacy with Jesus for You in Heaven.

Remember me, “My eyes,” as You sometimes called me. I MISS YOU. Love, Marianne

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