Marianne-5x8Marianne Komek is a freelance journalist whose articles have appeared in the National Catholic Register, the Catholic News Service, Catholic Philly, Joy in Truth, and The Catholic Spirit, the official newspaper for the diocese of Metuchen. Her poetry has been featured in St. Mary’s Messenger.  She has also written short stories, lyrics for a composition performed at the Manhattan School of Music, and other award-winning poetry.

She has worked as a production editor and editorial assistant for publishers in New York City. Komek also tutored remedial English and taught English As A Second Language.

She was a youth minister for teenagers at her parish, as well as serving as an adolescent and grade school catechist. She has served as secretary to St. John Paul II Parish’s Altar Rosary Society and as secretary to the Parish Council while handling publicity for fund-raising events.

Komek is a member of her hometown’s Friends of the Library and the Kearny Cottage Historical Society. She was also the publicity chair for The Royal Garden Club by the Bay.

Komek is a consecrated member of the international Apostolate of Schoenstatt.

In her spare time, Komek enjoys fresh sea breezes during walks along the bay. There she likes watching teenagers play volleyball on the sand. Komek also enjoys folk dancing, opera, and is an avid Green Bay Packers fan.

Her husband, Cabbar, is a professional photographer and media artist. They have a little sixteen-year-old dachshund, Pookie, who still thinks he’s a puppy, especially when he begs for treats. They can’t refuse him!

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